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Are you creating purpose or completing the 2016 ‘successful business’ to-do list?

Over the past few years we have seen a huge shift in focus to purpose-driven leadership. Many business experts (including ourselves) suggest that people having a clear purpose is a core driver of performance. Even medical studies show that people who have purpose in their lives are less prone to illness. In our ever-changing world […]

Fruit Bowls and Gym Membership Don’t Drive Sustained Motivation and Performance

Back in 2002, Gallup Surveys published a report that highlighted the fact that employee engagement was still as low as 30% across the workforce, and stated: ‘A more engaged employee is also a more profitable employee, a more customer-focused employee, a safer employee…..Many of us have long suspected this connection between an employee’s level of […]

Connecting Theories of Change Management to State-of-Mind

I was asked the question, ‘Can you integrate the theory of state-of-mind with change methodologies such as Kotter?’ My answer is yes. We must. State-of-mind is the ‘glubrication’ of change. (Glubrication: The thing that smooths the business process by minimising friction, holding the future changes together) Let’s take one example of how this could work. Below is […]