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Are you creating purpose or completing the 2016 ‘successful business’ to-do list?

Over the past few years we have seen a huge shift in focus to purpose-driven leadership. Many business experts (including ourselves) suggest that people having a clear purpose is a core driver of performance. Even medical studies show that people who have purpose in their lives are less prone to illness. In our ever-changing world […]

Fruit Bowls and Gym Membership Don’t Drive Sustained Motivation and Performance

Back in 2002, Gallup Surveys published a report that highlighted the fact that employee engagement was still as low as 30% across the workforce, and stated: ‘A more engaged employee is also a more profitable employee, a more customer-focused employee, a safer employee…..Many of us have long suspected this connection between an employee’s level of […]

Sustainable change – it’s all a state-of-mind

Change is constant in any organisation, but why does it almost never seem to stick, and if it does, why is the projected impact on performance never really achieved? The way we see it, it all starts with state-of-mind. Any organisation or individual looking to make change is under great pressure to deliver the impact required and […]